9 Ways to save Money on EBay ...


I’ve been using eBay as my guilty pleasure for online shopping for a while now, and I’ve learned a few great ways to save money on eBay as a result! eBay is already the perfect place to find some really good deals on items you need or want, but now you can save even more money using eBay! How? By learning these handy ways to save money on eBay! Read below to find out what they are!

1. Take Advantage of Promotions

One of my favorite ways to save money on eBay is to take advantage of eBay seller promotions. eBay often runs promotions where you can list up to 100 items per month for only $0.99! Seller fees can add up if you do a lot of selling on eBay, so this offer is nice when you can take advantage of it.

Buy or Sell in Bulk
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