7 Workplace Personalities That Grind Your Gears ...


Women need to support each other more in business. Men band together into exclusive little clubs and before you know it they are chairmen of the board. Women need to have each otherโ€™s backs a little more and work with each other as opposed to against each other. This is fine in principle, but there are just some women that you really cannot work with. Here are a few workplace personalities that grind your gears.

1. The Woman That Thinks Work is a Fashion Show

This is one of the workplace personalities that grind your gears for no good reason. It isnโ€™t such a big crime treating work like a place to display your newest outfit, and yet it seems to bother so many women. Maybe it is because the fashion-show woman takes so much pride in a job you hate, or maybe it is like birds and she is showing off plumage in a place where you dare not. Maybe the woman is a show-off, or maybe you just donโ€™t like the idea of having to make a similar effort just because she does.

The Woman That Complains Non-stop
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