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Scorpio is a very perceptive sign, but one that's not very patient.

So they do well in careers that involve observation, but prefer a quiet workplace where they don't have to deal with the public or too many co-workers.

They also make the best researchers, because they love to discover what's really going on.2

Scorpios should therefore consider the following careers …

1. Private Investigator

Scorpios are good at keeping their secrets - but they're equally good at ferreting out other people's.

You'll never pull the wool over a Scorpio's eyes!

And that makes them excellent private investigators.

Scorpio will gather all the evidence and quietly observe what their quarry are up to, until they've discovered everything there is to know.

2. Mortician

While other signs regard work of this kind as morbid, Scorpio isn't the least bit fazed by dealing with death.

For them, it's just another part of life.

So they are well able to handle the demands of careers like working in the funeral industry or being a coroner.

In fact, they have a fascination with topics that most people consider dark, and can quite happily cope with the demands of a career that would make others squeamish.

3. Researcher

Being a researcher can be an isolated job, but that doesn't bother Scorpio in the least.

They don't mind at all spending their day looking through books and files, or glued to their computer doing their research online.

Scientific research is also right up their street.

Scorpio will keep on working until they solve a problem, or they've found the information they're looking for.

4. Hypnotist

Scorpio also finds what's going on in the subconscious compelling, so they make natural hypnotists.

They love delving deep into someone's mind and helping them overcome old, negative habits, and can soon arrive at what's really going on deep down.

Working one-on-one with a client suits them well.

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