7 Reasons to Have a Second Bank Account ...


There are lots of reasons to have a second bank account.2

Many people think that one bank account is good enough, and you can certainly get by with one bank account.

But there’s no harm in having a second bank account, and I’m going to tell you a few great reasons to have another bank account!

Keep on reading for 7 fabulous reasons to have a second bank account, and please feel free to comment below with your own suggestions for having more than one bank account.

1. Back-up Plan

No one ever likes to think about terrible things happening, but the truth is, there are some pretty sticky characters out there.

One good reason to have a second bank account is to prevent you from being left helpless in the case of a stolen identity, lost credit cards, or frozen bank account.

A second bank account would ensure that you do have funds on hand and accessible money until you get the issue cleared up.

It’s always good to be safe!

2. Limited Spending

Having only one bank account makes it a little harder to put a cap on your spending.3

A good reason to have a second bank account is because with two accounts, you can designate one for spending and one for bills and necessary things.

For the spending account, you can only deposit how much you can afford to spend that month.

This plan can really aid you in getting your spending under control or just helping you to save a bit of extra money.2

3. Extra Funds

Dividing your money up into two separate accounts can teach you how to be responsible with your money.

I can’t tell you the number of times my bank account has been below what I would like to see it at because of extra bills that month.

With two accounts, you will feel less helpless or worried over money.

If one account is low, simply use the other!

You can always build funds back up later.

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