7 Things That You Shouldn't Splurge on when You're Broke ...

If your #money isn’t looking right, there are definitely things you shouldn’t splurge on. I know, this can be hard, especially if you’ve been able to spend like you’ve wanted in the past. However, a part of being financially wise is adjusting your spending as you deal with fluctuations in your disposable income. Regardless of what you may be used to, here are seven #things you shouldn’t splurge on when you’re broke.

1. Hair Appointments

Weekly or bi-weekly appointments might be the thing that keeps your hair looking right, but if you can barely keep the lights on or struggle to find gas money, #hair appointments are one of the things you shouldn’t splurge on - at least not now. Buy your own #hair care products for a fraction of the price, and then go to You Tube for ideas on how to style your hair.