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7 Great Direct Sales Companies to Help Mom Bring in Extra Money ...

By Jan

As a single mom, I needed to bring in extra money on top of my salary, and I decided to take a look at direct sales companies to make money. It can be tough work, but the 7 companies I’ve listed below provide awesome products, are great to their consultants and designers, and provide lots of resources to help you be successful. The commission I’ve earned from selling Scentsy, Thirty-One Gifts, and recently Origami Owl has helped me through some very tight times. As always, read the requirements of the consultant for each of these companies before making a decision. Do you need some extra cash? Take a look at these direct sales companies to make money and supplement your income!

1 Scentsy

In my opinion, of all the direct sales companies to make money with, Scentsy practically sells itself. Their wax warmers come in a wide variety of styles to fit your décor, they plug in so there is no worry about an open flame, and the many fragrances they offer will suit the pickiest noses. I was amazed at how many scents I liked and how similar to nature’s own fragrances they were. Scentsy offers many resources to help consultants become successful. You can host actual home parties, basket parties (similar to a catalog party), and you can even have a booth at a local fair if you’d like. Commissions are based upon your consultant level, but you’re paid monthly and funds are transferred directly to a Scentsy debit card, which is very convenient.

2 Thirty-One Gifts

I am a sucker for purses, tote bags, and innovative storage and organizational ideas. Thirty-One provides all of these and more. Insulated lunch totes, huge beach bags, under bed storage and much more can be found in their great catalog. Again, in-home parties and catalogs parties are two ways to earn sales. They update their catalogs three times a year, and fabric patterns and monogramming colors change with the seasons. Based on Proverbs 31, Thirty-one has helped thousands of women become successful at supplementing their family income. Communication with newsletters and quarterly news magazines make this company one of the best.

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3 Origami Owl

I love this company! They are growing and coming up with new designs for their living lockets and charms all the time. Bella, a 16 year old (yes 16) is the founder of this young company that sells living lockets, charms, and tags to wear on their pretty chains. Your customers tell their story with their lockets by picking out charms that signify their lives. With Origami Owl, depending on how you choose to enter your orders, you keep your profit right away. As with any young company, they sometimes encounter quirks that have to be worked out, but they do work them out and communication with consultants is great.

4 Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics has been around a very long time and there’s a very good reason. The cosmetics are quality and in my opinion, do what they claim they’ll do. Also, Mary Kay allows consultants to earn 50% of their sales! I personally use Mary Kay facial care products and makeup and I love them all. If you love the idea of helping women learn how to care for their skin and look their best, give this company a try.

5 Send out Cards

This company is growing by leaps and bounds! We all send greeting cards and Send Out Cards makes it so easy. I use them for my Christmas cards every year and then some. Your customers create their cards or choose from the thousands of designs available, enter the address where the card is going, and SOC prints the card, the envelope, puts the stamp on it and mails it for you! You can send a gift with your card, add your actual signature to your cards by turning it into a font, and so much more. With SOC, you earn money every time one of your customers sends a card and not just with one party or one catalog order. The consultant actually has nothing to do besides promote the company. Plus, your customer base is greater with SOC, as not only do individuals send cards, but so do many businesses. This is a company definitely worth checking out.

6 Pampered Chef

Another one of the "original" direct sales businesses, Pamper Chef has proven its worth. If you’re a mom who loves cooking and enjoys trying out innovative cooking tools and cookware, then Pamper Chef is for you. I personally treasure my products from PC and dare anyone to touch them besides me. When one thinks of food you think of socializing around the dinner table, fun with friends at a great restaurant, and family suppers around the kitchen table. A Pampered Chef consultant knows this and knows how to express the importance of good food prepared quickly and easily, like all of us moms need.

7 Tupperware

There is nothing like having an organized kitchen. Tupperware has been around a long time and is another company that has proven its worth to the consultants who sell their products. Surprisingly, the startup costs are low. Consultants have a base commission and can learn bonus commissions based on sales. This is another great opportunity for someone who loves the kitchen and being organized.

While I sell for Thirty-One Gifts, Scentsy, and Origami Owl and can certainly vouch for them, these other companies are some of the best. Take your pick, check them out, ask questions of other consultants, and make the best decision for you as well as make the extra money you need to help your family!

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