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Even if you’re a seasoned online shopper, there are definitely a few money-saving tips for online shopping that you haven’t come across yet. Shopping is fun, but online shopping is even better! Some people don’t like to shop online, though, because of the extra fees associated with it. However, there are a few ways to work around them and save time and money during your next online shopping trip. Whether you’re new to the online shopping game or an old pro, you might find new money-saving tips for online shopping on this list to try out for your next purchase!

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Promo Codes

Any time I make an online purchase, I always do a search for promo codes before placing any orders. Chances are, you’ll find a promo code somewhere on the Internet that can save you money. I think it’s one of the most important money-saving tips for online shopping because you can cut off a good percentage of your total and it’s often forgotten about!


Email Lists

Email lists are especially important when it comes to online shopping for a few reasons. If you’re on your favorite stores’ lists, you’ll know when the sales are. If there’s a purchase you want to make that’s not very urgent, you can wait until it’s on sale and be notified when it is. There are also stores that send promo codes to their email subscribers, which is another added bonus. On top of that, a ton of stores offer a discount on your first purchase if you sign up for their email list. It’s a super easy way to get about 15% off your online shopping purchases!


Follow Them

Following your favorite online stores on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest is another easy way to keep track of special offers and deals. Sometimes they offer special deals to their followers, and you’ll always be in the know for surprise flash sales and specials!


Use More than One Deal

This tip may be a little trickier, but if possible it will save you a lot of money. If the store allows it, try to use more than one deal, and try to use them accordingly. For example, if you a 20% off coupon and a coupon for $20 off, use the 20% off coupon first because you’ll get a bigger discount. The more coupons you’re allowed to stack, the more you need to find and hoard.



One of my favorite secret tips to online shopping is Amazon. Amazon is almost always discounted from in-store prices, as well as some online retailers. My favorite trick when it comes to Amazon is the used section. If it’s something that’s barely used and it can’t be completely broken by a past consumer (i.e. books), it’s worth it to just buy it used. Usually there are gently used books on Amazon for one penny. Yes, one penny. Just add the shipping fee and you spent $3 on a book that costs $25 in-store. Because I’m an avid reader this is one of my favorite tips, but the same idea can be applied to some many different products on Amazon.


Avoid Shipping Costs

This tip is definitely easier said than done. Most online stores offer free shipping once you hit a certain total. This can be really good if you plan on buying a lot, but not so great if you didn’t plan on buying so much. If you did, try to hit the desired total to save yourself a few dollars on shipping. If you only planned on buying something small and the desired total is $100, don’t waste your time or money. You’ll save more money paying the shipping fees than trying to hit the desired total by buying things that you don’t necessarily need.


Give Feedback

It’s a simple tip that not many people use. Simply give feedback to the store you just made your purchases from. They may offer an incentive to do so, such as 15% off your next order, so even if you leave a stellar review you could still get some compensation for it. If you don’t leave such a great review, they will probably get in contact with you to make it better. If something came damaged or broken, they’ll most likely send you a new one. If it took a very long time to be shipped, they may send you $25 off of your next purchase. Giving feedback is the most overlooked tip when it comes to online shopping!

What’s your favorite online shopping tip? I’m always looking for new ways to save money!

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Paying S&H is worth it for convenience. No driving around to stores, looking. Plus I just bought drapes from Bed Bath & Beyond online. Got just what I wanted and if i'd gone to the store, I know I would have bought more stuff I didn't need.

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