5 Stellar 👏 Ways to Impress 🤗 during a Phone 📱 Interview 🗯 ...


Knowing how to impress on a phone interview is a great skill to have. Phone interviews can seem like something to blow off, but you need to be as prepared for a phone interview as a real interview. There are many differences, however, that you need to pay attention to when you get a call on the phone. So, here's how to impress on a phone interview.

1. Dress to Comfortably Impress

One of the best how to impress on a phone interview is to consider your clothing choices. Phone interviews seem like a great time to wear sweatpants and relax in your bed. Dressing to impress is still vital in the way you will perform. The mantra ‘look good feel good’ is not just some silly saying. Comfortably confident is my mantra. Look good enough for yourself to believe that you deserve this position.

Look at a Photo of Your Interviewer
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