How to save Money πŸ’΅ Because It's the Cool 😎 Thing to do ✌️ ...

Saving Money is Now in Style

No longer are people embarrassed to take out their binder of coupons with a line of people behind them.

Want a new and exciting way to get your hands on these little happy pieces of paper? Form a coupon club!

1. Membership

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Get a mixture of members, from your neighborhood, from your church, etc. Meet at members' homes or even the library. Get together at least once a month.

2. Work Required

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Have each member search everywhere and anywhere for coupons... Contact companies, set up coupon boxes in the community and check online coupons sites, such as, and As Red Plum and Smart Source are also found in the Sunday circular, the more the merrier.

3. Everything is Useful

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Next, this is where "specialty" coupons come into play... Diaper coupons for the soon-to-be parents, pet food for the pet owner, groceries for all, cleaning supplies for all, etc. Maybe there is a person who needs more of one type of coupon than the others. Wouldn't you like such a person to have that coupon when the coupon would normally go to waste?

4. Organization

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The best way to organize coupons is with a 3-ring binder containing baseball card sheets. Simply place a coupon in the sleeve meant for a baseball card. This shows each coupon neatly and protects. Some people use accordion files, but I find doing so more complicated.

5. Socialize!

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Also, make it a ladies night! Have some time with you and the girls. Maybe have different themes, such as a coffee bar, BYOB, desserts, etc.

6. Donations

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Do you have a coupon that is just too good but not one person needs it? Use the coupon then donate the item!

Some people consider clipping coupons to be like a part-time job. I consider it a skill that keeps on giving.

You might not be just like the famous coupon show but I am sure if you are like me, every little bit counts.


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