How to πŸ“˜ Survive without ⛔️ a Credit Card πŸ’³ for Girls in Their 20s ...


Most adults get their first credit card in their early 20s. Credit cards provide a simple way to build a credit history. But like a lot of people, you might prefer β€œnot” having a credit card. A credit card is a nice convenience, but it's not a necessity.

Here are seven tips to survive your 20s without a credit card.

1. Save an Emergency Fund

It’s important to save about 10% of your earnings. Having an emergency fund or cash cushion is crucial if you don't want a credit card. Many people rely on a credit card during an emergency because they don't have cash. If you build a savings account, this reduces the likelihood of using credit.

Get a Prepaid Card or a Debit Card
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