9 Ways to Be Frugal during Pregnancy ...


How to save money during pregnancy is a great topic for new moms and experienced moms alike to research and be in the know on! We all love to save a dollar here and there, so I’ve come up with this great list of ways you can be saving money during pregnancy. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it can be expensive, so every little penny you can save will help out. Start by learning ways to be frugal while you are pregnant, and thus saving money during pregnancy! That’s more money you will have to spend on baby when he or she arrives.

1. Maternity Clothes

Don’t rush out and spend a bunch of hard-earned dollars on maternity clothes. Instead, ask to borrow from friends and family. You will more than likely get more clothes than you know what to do with! If you must buy, invest most of your money in staple pieces that can be worn in future pregnancies, like a dark jean, a pencil skirt, basic colored blouses, and a lightweight blazer. Check thrift stores, and online sales as well as in-store sales. Also, keep an eye out for pieces that will pull double duty so that you can wear them while pregnant and after pregnancy. Dresses and shirts with empire waists or stretchy materials work well for this. Most women find all they need to do is go up a size or two from their normal size and the garment will fit great! You can then belt it in at the waist after pregnancy for a chic and cute style.

Birth Control
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