9 Ways to save Money on Cosmetics ...


Who wouldn’t want to save money on cosmetics? Many of us are feeling cash-strapped but we can’t face the world without our face on. Even our basic make up items can put a dent in our budgets for looking good so if there are ways to reduce the outgoings but still look and feel great, it can’t be a bad thing can it? Here’s 9 Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics

1. Only Buy Items You Need

That might seem obvious but so often there are many items bought that are not needed. Foundation and powder will be the first ones to consider omitting as they will not be necessary if the skin is fresh and bright. If it is too much to give up both then alternate them and decide which one you feel happier about not wearing. There is no need to wear make-up all the time so why bother wearing it if you are popping out to the shops or just lazing around the house?

Does Price Determine Quality?
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