How to πŸ“™ Make Savings πŸ’° on Your Daily Expenses πŸ’Έ ...


When it comes to saving money, it’s fair to say that most people concentrate on the big things like putting a portion of your salary in to a savings account every month and other big financial moves. However, I happen to think that you can do yourself a lot more personal good by executing and abiding by smaller rules that apply to your every day spending instead. Here are some simple suggestions for how to make savings on your daily expenses that can have a huge positive impact on your overall finances!

1. Eating out

You don’t need to go to restaurants when you could be cooking your own dishes at home for about a third of the cost. Eating out is a luxury that you shouldn’t be indulging in more than once or so a month when you are trying to save money.

Bottled Water