7 Phone Interview Tips You Need to Know to Get That Dream Job ...


Since most employers nowadays are opting for phone interviews to screen potential new hires, job seekers should know a few phone interview tips. Some employers prefer phone interviews to save time, money and to speed up making the short list. Also a lot of hiring managers use telephone interviews to screen candidates not only to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for a one-on-one interview but also to minimize the expenses involved in interviewing out-of-town candidates. If you’ve recently been asked to take a telephone interview, here are a few very helpful phone interview tips that you should consider:

1. Prepare for the Interview

One of the best phone interview tips I can give you is to tell you to prepare yourself. Try to remember that you’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Do some research and find out all you can about the company, their profile, their competition and also, about their future expansion projects.

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