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9 Fun and Simple Babysitting Tips That Will Make You a Pro ...

By Ebangha

Babysitting tips are always a need to know. They can help you with the silliest kids; even with the little mean ones that love to push your buttons. No kid can drive you nuts with these tips as your secret weapon. Just pull out these babysitting tips and go, go go!

1 Big Chef, Little Chef

Out of all of the babysitting tips to follow, the kiddos are sure to love this one. Kids love the chance to get messy. They also love to eat yummy food. Combine both of their loves with this fun activity. Just ask the parents if the child has any allergies to be on the safe side, then get to cookin’! You can make something simple like a pizza or even bake a cake. No matter what you do, they will love learning how to make their own food.

2 We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It’s no secret that kids love their sweets. Put ice cream in the mix and oh boy, you’ve got a party on your hands. If you cannot take the children out to a Marble Slabs or Orange Leaf, do it at home. Ask ahead of time for the child’s favorite ice cream flavor. Get that along with some cool mix-ins. Now you can set up your own ice cream shop for the little one(s) to enjoy.

3 Dress It up

If you're babysitting little girls, then you must know that dress up time can be a whirlwind of fun for them (and you too). They will absolutely love the chance to be Princess Tianna or Cinderella for the day. You don’t even need to give them make up. The dresses and tiaras are more than enough. You can even encourage them be doctors, cowgirls or pretend to be a movie star. Just let their imagination run wild.

4 Snack Time

Kids love to eat. They also love, love, love snack time. Again, please check with their parents about allergies, then plan as much as you can. You can make a simple trail mix with treats like nuts, dried fruit, and even bits of chocolate. Maybe you could make «ants on a log» with celery, raisins, and some creamy peanut butter.

5 Story Time is the Best Time

Kids absolutely love a good tale at story time. The story can be a classic such as Little Red Riding Hood. It can even be one of the new ones that line the shelves of your Barnes & Nobles. Or perhaps you could make up as you go. No matter what story you guys choose, have fun with it. Make a stage for you to tell it on. Change your voice with each character. If you have fun telling the story, the kids will definitely enjoy it too.

6 Who’s the Boss?

It’s no surprise that a lot of kids would love the chance to tell the adults what to do for a change. Invent a little game where the kids are in charge. They make the rules, and you follow. Of course, there should be limits to play safely. With that in mind, it’s ok to let them think that they are really in charge. They’ll play along now, and tell their parents how cool they think you are later.

7 An outside Adventure

If it’s not too hot or cold outside, let the kids have an outside adventure. You can set up a mini scavenger hunt for them to really enjoy. Or you could do an obstacle course. You can even add a water slide in to make the afternoon even more fun. Whatever you do make sure the kiddos have plenty of sunscreen or are wrapped up warm to really have a good time. Be sure to keep them in the shade, and make sure that they are taking plenty of breaks to stop and rest. Any time outside can be incredibly lively with the right prepping and planning.

8 Painting like a Pro

Finger paints are a sure fire way to really make your little clients enjoy their day. Dress them in old big shirts to protect their clothes, then get to painting. Let them really get into it, painting up who knows what. Be sure to save a portrait for their mommies and daddies to see.

9 Nap Time

All babysitting pros will tell you that nap time is the absolute best time. The trick is you have to keep the kids super busy during from the get go, then after lunchtime, it’s nap time. Make sure that they are super comfy and allow them to nap. When they wake up, greet them with a snack. They will be all rested and ready to go when their parents come.

Anyone can be babysitter. These babysitting tips will make you a pro. Now having you don’t have to do every single one. Just a few will keep the kids great time, don’t you think?

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