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Fab Ways to save Money Couponing at Dollar Tree ...

By Leiann

Did you know you can save money with coupons at Dollar Tree? Although you might not have coupons for everything, using coupons at Dollar Tree for the stuff you need will leave you with the spare cash for what you want! On the other hand, do you have bills that are piling up? Use the money saved to pay your bills!

The following YouTube video shows you a sample of what may be purchased with coupons, with a conclusion giving even more tips. Also, you don't need to be poor in order to do this. Even a millionairess can be frugal! Here's how you can save money with coupons at Dollar Tree.

October 31, 2016

When you get the Sunday newspaper circular or even print-out coupons at, compare this article to the coupons to see ahead of time what you have to work with BEFORE going to Dollar Tree. Keep the coupons in an envelope, folder or even a photo album with slots. Did you know you can use these at Dollar Tree:

- Barilla Pasta Sauce
- Snyder of Hanover Pretzels
- Sunny D
- Werther's Originals
- LA Looks Styling Gel
- Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
- Yardley Bar Soap
- Wet n Wild makeup
- Coast Bar Soap
- Venus Shave Gel
- Blistex Lip Balm
- PopSecret Popcorn
- Colgate Toothpaste
- Tetley Tea
- Propel and Gatorade
- Chex Mix and Bugles
- Suave Bodywash
- Dial Basics 3-Bar

Couponing for Dollar Tree may be a part-time job in itself, but what gal can complain about the benefits? Maybe pick an evening during the week or a day on the weekend to clip and prepare. The one small thing to always check would be the ounces when comparing the coupon to the product. Other than that, it is smooth sailing!

Just remember... Keep calm and coupon!


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