7 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store ...

By Eliza

7 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store ...

There are tons of great things you can buy at the dollar store. Sure, there’s loads of junk there too, but you can also save some dollars by stocking up on good stuff. Many times, the dollar stores get last year’s cast offs from places like Target, so you can find great products for just a buck. I’ve bought Hanes sweatshirts and Crayola products at my nearest dollar store. So check out these cool things you can buy at the dollar store and get ready for a fatter wallet.

1 Craft Supplies

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, there are lots of craft things you can buy at the dollar store. Jumbo packages of crayons, huge booklets of stickers, construction paper, manuscript paper, rubber bands, stamps, ink pads, mosaic kits, yarn sets, marbles, glitter and craft puffballs are just a few of the great items I’ve found. My kids love to do craft projects, so I can really save a bundle by buying supplies at the dollar store instead of the craft or fabric store.

2 Teacher Stuff

For you teachers out there, look no further than the dollar store for classroom gear that won’t break the bank. Bulletin board borders, cutouts, grading charts, decorations, behavior logs, pencils, calculators, staplers, pens and paper are always on the shelves, but when back to school rolls around, the supply explodes.

3 Party Dishes

I hate shelling out for plates, cups and tablecloths that are just going to go into the trashcan. Instead, I go to the dollar store and buy stuff that is cheap and that I won’t mind tossing after the party. You can find a huge variety of solid colored party ware, but there’s always a revolving supply of themed plates, napkins and cups as well.

4 Reusable Containers

My kids are notorious for losing my plastic containers in the lunchroom at school, so I solved my problem by buying them at the dollar store. That way, I won’t be out a huge amount of money when they forget to bring them home or accidentally toss them in the trash. I’ve found Rubbermaid brand previously so there are some decent options.

5 Holiday Stuff

Say you need a cute disposable plate to send to treats to school or holiday themed bags to give your co-workers baked desserts as a gift. The dollar store saves you money and offers a huge variety of holiday dishes, decorations and wrapping paper. I’ve even bought boxes of Valentines for my kids’ classroom parties.

6 Glassware

It’s not fine china by any means, but if you want a solid white set of tableware or a cute set of glasses, the dollar store often has attractive options. I like to buy clear glasses and fill them with various treats for teacher gifts. Also, if you have kids at home, broken dishes are just a part of life. Buy them at the dollar store and it won’t be so painful when you have to throw one out.

7 Books

Believe it or not, but many dollar stores sell hardback books as well as a huge variety of kids’ books – each for just a buck! I stocked up on board books when my kids were little because they could chew on them without me having to stress about how much they cost. When they got older I bought huge stacks of coloring books for them at the dollar store. They also sell adult novels and biographies, so you can really save some money.

Do you shop at the dollar store? I would never buy toys or food there, but there’s nothing wrong with saving some money on other stuff.

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