3. Be Innovative

When you’re passionate about something, ideas pertaining to that thing come to you effortlessly. You cannot be an entrepreneur without the capacity to remold and reinvent yourself and your business.

Before you start out, perhaps you want to draw up a chart, a projection of how you want your business to grow. Now, this may be far fetched from reality.

But at least having the end in sight gives you the motivation to pour your heart into your business.

If you’ve been running your business for a couple of years now, what distinct or noticeable changes have you made in your brand?You run a beauty parlor or a landscape business? Or maybe a restaurant in your community?

What sets your business apart from the next lady’s just around the block? You have to evolve, because life is a moving target. Constantly strategize as you go along.

Be Assertive without Being Bitchy
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