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7 Ways to Increase Your Income in 2013 ...

By Alison

Are you looking for ways to increase your income this year? A little extra always comes in useful, and a lot extra is even better! Perhaps you want to save for a big purchase, or need a higher income to meet your living costs. Whatever the reason, there are lots of ways to earn some extra money. Some will only bring in a small amount, but that can make all the difference. So here are some ways to increase your income in 2013 …

1 Change Job

One of the best ways to increase your income is to find a job that offers better pay than your current one. This may not be an easy option in the present climate, but is a possibility for some. If you have skills that are in demand, look for a position that offers more responsibility and a higher pay grade than you have at present.

2 Learn New Skills

Brushing up on your skills can give you an advantage in the job market. Look into learning some new skills, or updating those that you already have. With more qualifications you can pursue a better career or promotion. Moving up in your career should bring a better pay packet with it, and your employers may even be prepared to pay for any courses involved.

3 Clear out the Clutter

How much clutter is occupying space in your closets and attic? Most of us have tons of stuff that we neither need nor want. So be ruthless, and sort out all your unwanted belongings. That done, have a garage sale or list things on eBay (gradually, if you have a lot to get rid of!). This won't bring you a regular income, as once you've sold the items they're gone. However it is a good way of bringing in some extra cash.

4 Teach

If you have a skill such as languages or art, you could become a tutor. There are several routes into this, from teaching at night school to tutoring privately. If you are good, you will often get more pupils from word of mouth. So teaching could be an excellent way to boost your income in the long term. Just be prepared to keep looking for new students. Also don't depend on this as a definite earner, as many people have had to cut back on private tuition in the current climate.

5 Freelancer Websites

Websites such as and can boost your income. You will be competing against people in other countries who can charge low rates, but skills such as computer programming can earn you some extra cash. Write a good profile and provide examples of projects you have worked on.

6 Second Job

Do you have some spare time that you don't know how to fill? Rather than just waste it, you could get a second job. Make sure that it doesn't conflict with your main job and leave you too tired. You also need some time free to enjoy yourself and relax. If you can manage it, though, a second job will boost your income nicely. It doesn't have to be long-term; you could do some extra work to get you through a difficult patch.

7 Small Business

Setting up a small business can be a great way of boosting your income. Remember that most businesses don't make money (especially not good money) for a long time, so choose something that can fit round your other work. Treat it as a way to bring in a little extra. Look for something that has low set-up costs. Are you good at crafts, or could you do alternative therapies at home, for example?

Boosting your income is welcome both in good and bad times. Extra money can be put aside for when times are harder, or buy you those little luxuries. Even a relatively small amount can make a difference to the family budget, so don't discount ways of earning, say, $200 a month. It all adds up! What route do you take when your income needs an increase?

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