6. Don't Aim to Reach the 'free Shipping over $$$$'

Many websites have a big banner at the top of the page announcing "free shipping over...(enter certain amount)". This amount varies from website to website but generally the cost is quite high as they want as much money from you as possible if they're going to be shipping it to you for free!

This is a pretty cunning trap in some ways so I try to avoid it when I can (unless the free shipping amount is quite reasonable and you're going to be spending that much anyway - in that case go ahead by all means!)

Sometimes the idea of free shipping is tempting and appealing to us as buyers because you think "Well I'm going to be giving them money anyway, so why not?" But this is a terrible habit to get into and will most definitely cost you in the long run.

Is it really worth spending (enter certain amount) just to get free shipping, even if it means spending more pointless money?

It might help to check out the 'shipping and delivery' page (usually down the bottom of the main page) to see how much regular shipping is to your country if you don't opt for free shipping over the certain amount.

It's a good idea to think of it as a trap since it could lead you to spend way over what you originally intended to - even going as far as doubling your total in some cases! It really does add so much to the overall amount of your purchases so it's important to be aware of this!

Patience is Key
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