I just love the name of this website, because it definitely is a transitioning period. There are tons of advice articles from people working abroad and you can only get this type of information from someone going through it. There are also host families who offer great advice to people considering working abroad. The site also links to a lot of work opportunities advertised online. It’s almost like a one stop shop. You can find the perfect job and be prepared for the experience by those who have done it or are still doing it. It is always important to be prepared for what is to come and because this website is more than a job listing site, I find it beneficial.

You are about to start a journey that is going to change your life forever.

When applying for work abroad, be sure to find a good CV service, because many countries use a Curriculum Vitae instead of a resume. The process is a bit different, but most of the information is still used. There is something out there for you that is going to be the perfect fit. Don’t give up on this dream, if it is truly what you want to do. You can go on vacation while earning money. Not many people have the guts to go work abroad, but those who have, mostly loved it. I encourage everyone to take some time off and go work in another country. You can always come back if you don’t enjoy it, but you may also decide to stay, if you do.

Have you used other website to help you find a job abroad? Did you like them? Do tell in the comments!

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